Sorting algorithms visualizations

Sorting algorithms visualizations

Today when I was scrolling Wykop I’ve noticed visualization of sorting algorithms which is based on colour circle. I thought that I should share it with you. Some time ago, I also met
others graphical examples of sorting, which are probably known to you, but I’ve decided to remind them in today’s article.

Article also available in Polish version.

Visualization of various sorting algorithms

Visualization of sorting algorithms based on colour circle:

Sound representation of sorting algorithms:

Visualization of sorting algorithms using dance:

Bubble sorting algorithm represented using dance:

Quick sort algorithm represented using Hungarian dance:

Merge sort algorithm represented using dance:

More visualisation of sorting algorithms you can see at channel AlgoRythmics.

Performance comparison of sorting algorithms

Visual comparison of sorting algorithms using various datasets:

It’s worth to look at site, where shown examples of sorting algorithms for various input datasets.

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