Docker #1 – Let’s begin

I’ve decided to learn new tool called Docker that allow us to virtualise development environment. This is first article of series that will be describing progress of my learning this tool. I’m going to use Windows 10 and Docker Toolbox.


So let’s begin with Docker Toolbox. We need to download it from Docker Toolbox site.
Installation is really easy and I think you will do it correctly.

After that run Docker Quickstart Terminal and if your machine is not running just do it by:

Verification if docker works

Our next step is verification if docker works properly.

We can check version of installed Docker tools:

And let’s see what our machine address is:

Running hello world example

I’m sure, each of us begin with displaying ‘hello world’ message when we learn new language. Docker gives us similar possibility to test if whole environment works. In the order to run example image which will show us ‘hello world’ message we have to enter command from first line. If image doesn’t exist on your local machine it will be downloaded. Lines 8 and 9 give us proof that docker run downloaded image.

Using following command we can check all existing containers in our system.


Today we installed Docker Toolbox and learnt first simple commands that allows to work with it. In the next post we will see new features of Docker including how to manage images.

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